Paintings-Linda Dragonette Studio


Missing California - I ; pastel
A photo I took from the back of the Napa Wine Train. Great ; Fun inspired this painting.
Missing Calfornia ; pastel
From the Wine Train in Napa
Summer Flower
Just pick some flowers and paint!
Field of Lavender
Photo description 12
Summer on Lake Lanier
Beauty Around Every Corner
Never Ending ; oil
PSpeaks for Itself
Falling Down ; oil
Photo title 8
Photo description 8
Wild Roses of Georgia pastel
These beautiful and fragrant flowers bloomed every year on our Gainesville property.
Southern Azelia pajstel
Photo description 10
After the Storm pastel
Another painting from our Gainesville property.
Looking Back pastel
This was at Lake Tahoe. I turned from the lake and was amazed at the beauty..

Paintings :
Abstract Expressionis,, Pastels and Birds With Personality. 

When I paint today, it is in Abstract Expressionism. I have added som of my earlier paintings that were done in pastels. 
Most of my paintings have to do with emotion; the feeling of Hope, Loss, Joy and the Challenges we face.

From Abstract Expressionism to  Birds With Personalaity and ...
The Grand Illusion
After seeing the Styx concert; I was inspired to paint this large painting. Best concert ever!
There are so many stone bridges in North Gerorgia. This is a small abstract o a day in nature.
This is a oainting from my Season's series.
Red Delicious
Starting to paint with a oalette knife loosely.
This is from an abstract series having to do with living on the Gulf Coast
Beached - II
Series of Gulf Coast Beach series
I began experimenting with metal oil paints. Just love the effect!
This is a series I continue to work on about birds
Flight - II
Second in Flight Series
Always in a Hurray
I took this photo years ago while walking on the beach. I have painted it many times with different colors
Not Talking
From my bird series. I love catching the personalities of the birds living their day to day life.
This had to do with everyone feeling confused during Co=vid.
 Pastel Paintings

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pastels! I could see all the  beautiful colors at my finger tips. They allowed me to paint and feel the scratch of the pastel stick on
 my paper.           

Birds With Personality!
      I am knoen for my Bove of Birds and for capturing them in the middle of their own little personalities .