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Doors - I ; oil
This is my Doors Series. Take a chance in life and open that door.
Doors - III oil
Third in Doors series. I have a few more that I am working on.
Doors - II ; oil
This is the second painting in the Doors series.
Hot on the Inside ; oil
Playing with color and shape.
Red Passion Flower oil
This was painted in honor of my friend Jackie. She is missed.
Chance Encounters oil
This painting was chosen for the Marriot Gainesville Ga., project.

I continue to find ways to keep painting. I have lost most of my vision, no longer see the majority of colors and see in shapes. B I love to paint. My process now is to paint black on a white canvas to see where I am. Then I let creativity take over with shapes and ideas. Color will be added. Since I have painted my whole life I know which colors will make, hopefully the desired effect.

Events and News

 The Courtyard by Marriott, The National and The Vault Grand.
I am very honored to have my paintings chosen for prints in the new Couryard
Hilton in Gainesville, Georgia. I am so excited to be invited to the Opening Reception for this event September 7, 2023